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Wimbledon Betting at Betway Sports

When it comes to competitive tennis, there’s no event as exciting as Wimbledon. Did you know that the Wimbledon Championship is the oldest tennis tournament in the world? It’s also considered the most prestigious of the four Grand Slam tennis tournaments. Wimbledon attracts a huge viewership around the world, so it’s no wonder that betting on Wimbledon scores has become a global tradition.

Wimbledon was founded in 1877 and is traditionally held at the All England Club in London. Out of all the major tournaments, Wimbledon is the only one where players can face-off on grass courts. The grass is considered the quintessential tennis court, so a Wimbledon victory has become a mark of a true tennis champion. When thinking about your Wimbledon tennis betting strategy, keep that in mind—it means that the players have extra incentive to win and the matches are never dull!

Quirky Wimbledon Tennis Rules and Traditions

Any tennis fan knows that Wimbledon has a strict all-white dress code. But did you know that strawberries and cream are the staple snack of the tournament? In fact, in 2017, the visitors consumed as much as 33 tons of strawberries and 2,200 gallons of cream! So when the Wimbledon time comes, grab your strawberries and join Betway Sports to access all the desktop and mobile sports betting and follow live scores with plenty of Wimbledon tennis betting odds to choose from.

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Wimbledon Tennis Odds and Its Most Famous Players

Every year, the best tennis players gather to try their chances at winning the Wimbledon trophy. Over these two weeks, a tennis fan and bettor can enjoy some of the best tennis talents in the world! Wimbledon odds and bettors’ chances depend directly on the players’ perceived ability to win. To help with your betting strategy, let’s take a look at some of Wimbledon’s most famous tennis players!

Any dedicated tennis fan and a strategic bettor has probably heard of the three most famous Wimbledon players, hailing from Switzerland, Serbia, and Spain. Whenever these guys play against newcomers, the odds tend to be in their favor. That doesn’t mean you can’t bet on the underdogs! Wimbledon has certainly seen its fair share of surprises over the years.

Things get tricky when these guys face-off against each other. It can be difficult to predict their Wimbledon scores, but for the passionate bettor, that makes it all the more fun!

At Betway Sports, we offer promotions, bonuses, different types of betting options, and Wimbledon tennis betting specials that make your betting experience easy and fun! Whether you’re betting on Gentlemen’s or Ladies’ Singles, Betway Sports is the premier platform for anyone looking to bet on Wimbledon.

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All the Wimbledon Events To Watch Out For

Wimbledon usually starts on the last Monday in June and ends two weeks later. In addition to the major events, every Wimbledon features junior and invitational competitions. We prepared a Wimbledon schedule for all our bettors looking to place wagers on Wimbledon scores!

The Five Main Wimbledon Events

Gentlemen's Singles: There are 128 players competing to win best-of-five sets.

Ladies' Singles: This event also features 128 players, but the winner plays for best-of-three.

Gentlemen's Doubles: With 64 teams, players compete for best-of-five.

Ladies' Doubles: Similar to Ladies’ Singles, 64 teams go for best-of-three.

Mixed Doubles: Teams of the best women and men players face-off in mixed doubles.

All main events are single-elimination. When it comes to tiebreaks, a final set is played if the score reaches 12-all in the last set.

You can enjoy Wimbledon tennis betting following junior and invitation events. They feature 5 and 7 events respectively. Betting on these events is a great option for anyone looking for some additional excitement. While all eyes are set on the main Wimbledon events, some unexpected surprises and incredible games can happen off the radar. For a true tennis bettor, these events can be a super fun challenge!

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Never Miss Out On Any Wimbledon Fun!

As a part of the Grand Slam tournaments and the oldest tournament in the world, Wimbledon is a must-see event. For tennis fans around the world, Wimbledon is somewhat of a holiday even. And as you prepare to cheer your favorite players on, don’t forget that quality sports betting can only increase the fun!

Wimbledon is the third in the Grand Slam tournaments, so it’s always good to watch and see how the players are faring. A strategic bettor will also check out what happened during the Australian and French Opens. All this information will help you make the best choices in the final Grand Slam tournament—the US Open!

At Betway Sports, you can follow live Wimbledon scores, get the best Wimbledon tennis betting options, and enjoy many promotions and bonuses. Whether you’re betting on your favorite player or team to win, or you’re trying to predict set results, Betway Sports is there for you. With our numerous betting options, all bettors can find something interesting to place their wagers on. If you’re looking to enhance your tennis experience, Betway Sports is the best place to be!

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