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About Boxing Betting at Betway Sports

As long as humans have been able to punch, there has been boxing. The "Sport of Kings" has been around for centuries and has rarely wavered in popularity. It is also among the most popular, and for obvious reasons!

Few sports attract bettors like boxing. At Betway Sports, we offer the best boxing odds on all the biggest upcoming boxing matches. With great prizes at stake, plus numerous promotions and bonuses for our loyal betters, you cannot go wrong with Betway Sports and boxing betting.

So…in the immortal words of famed boxing announcer… LETS GET READY TO RUMBLE?

A Short History of Boxing

Organized boxing can be traced back nearly three thousand years. Participants in the ancient Olympic Games would wrap leather thongs around their hands and box one another. Over time, the sport evolved, including stints where ancient Romans added metal tips to their gloves to harm their opponents even more. Starting in the 17th century, bare-knuckle boxers would punch with no protection at all!

Finally, athletes settled on the large, padded gloves in use today. With less brutality and more competition, boxing has become bigger than ever.

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Boxing Odds, Lines & Round Betting: Events to Watch Out For

Boxing has four major sanctioning bodies. Each championship is just as important as the other, making athletes unbelievably hungry to snatch up all the title belts. This means supreme odds and more excitement and about boxing betting lines for you!

Currently, there are four main boxing bodies. Each one operates independently of the other and has its own set of championships. These bodies are:

  • The World Boxing Association (WBA)
  • The World Boxing Council (WBC)
  • The International Boxing Federation (IBF)
  • The World Boxing Organization (WBO)

Each of these four bodies recognizes 17 weight classes, each with their own world championship. Don't worry, we'll do the boxing betting math for you: that means the world of professional boxing recognizes 68 world championship belts!

With that many prizes up for grabs, it’s no wonder betting on boxing is so popular. And at Betway Sports, you’ll get the best round boxing betting experience possible.

When any of those belts are on the line, Betway Sports will be right there, offering premium online sports betting action. We provide the best and most exciting betting types for all fights, including in-play betting.

If the underdog gains the upper hand and odds change, you can jump in mid-match and switch up your strategy. This is just one more way Betway Sports helps gamblers stay in the action!

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What Big Events in Boxing are on the Horizon?

Unlike most sports, boxing does not have regularly scheduled major events. There are no end-of-season championship tournaments or monthly pay-per-view shows.

That doesn't mean, however, that boxing is devoid of major events. Not even close. With dozens of championships and huge superstars vying for the win, there are always several major fights on the horizon. Betway Sports offers great online betting action!

Fans are always excited about upcoming major fights that involve their favorite boxers. Sports bettors everywhere will pay close attention to Las Vegas events in 2021. In February, two of the best boxers in the world will fight for the WBC Heavyweight Title.

US events will definitely be show-stoppers, but dedicated boxing fans shouldn’t forget to look up UK boxing events. From British Middleweight Title fights to the Light-Heavyweight Tournament Semi-Final set to take place in London, there will be plenty of fights to look forward to.

A dedicated boxing fan will also keep an eye on some hotly anticipated events in Russia!

The Bite Fight

As exciting as they are, fights nowadays seem to tame when we take a look at some of history’s most hyped boxing events.

In 1997, fans were surprised and shocked during the fight which was originally called “The Sound and the Fury”. After one of the boxers attempted to bite off an ear of his opponent, the fight would forever go down in history as the Bite Fight.

If you were betting on that one, our guess is you never would have seen such a development coming! Luckily, these days you can bet in-play and decide on your position when you see how each player fares in the first round.

With Betway, all sporting surprises become a chance to celebrate!

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How to Bet on Boxing and the Best Fighters

With no teams, boxing is purely a superstar-driven sport. The most famous boxers are almost always the most successful ones. It doesn’t hurt if they also have a bit of showmanship in their style.

Each player has a distinctive and unique style of fighting. When deciding who to bet on, it never hurts to research both players’ styles. More often than not, their style can tell you a lot about how the match will play out.

Boxing experts recognize three major fighting styles: outside fighter, brawler, and inside fighter. Let’s take a look at how each fares for your chances to win at boxing betting!

Outside fighter or boxer

A classing outside fighter goes for longer range punches. The goal is to wear the opponent down as they keep up the stronger pace. These types of players are lauded for their finesse and strategic approach to fighting. One disadvantage of this style is that boxers rarely get in the knock-out punch, thus winning on points.

Within this style, boxer aficionados also recognize boxer-punchers and players who play on the defensive, using counter punches.

Brawler or slugger

As outside fighters become famous for their finesse, brawlers are on the opposite end of the spectrum. These fighters are known for their force and strength of their punches. When brawlers enter the ring, it’s always a question of speed vs. strength.

These fighters can be slow on their feet and because of their predictable style of fighting, they often absorb a significant amount of counter punches. These are the fighters who will stay on their fight no matter how hard the opponent hits!

Inside fighter or swarmer

Unlike outside fighters, swarmers like to get in close and throw intense punches, through a combination of hooks and uppercuts. It’s not by accident that shorter fighters usually opt for this style. When they get close to their opponent, hitting them might get difficult as they don’t leave so much space for the opponent with longer arms.

It’s always the skill, ferocity, and style of the strongest boxers that determines the odds in any given match. For that reason, sports bettors always turn to their biographies and recent events to see how they might fare.

And if you want to get the best and latest boxing odds, Betway Sports is the place to be. Click the sign up button if you would like to get in on the boxing betting action!

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