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The US Open Golf Betting at Betway Sports

Daily life gets stressful and is constantly filled with noise. From work to other responsibilities, we eagerly await a relaxing summer. What better way to hit full stride than with the US Open Golf tournament?

Golf is a game of inches. It is a game of composure and decisions. Your caddy is your best friend and most trusted advisor. The difference between runner-up and champion is minuscule. With US Open Golf betting on Betway Sports, you can enjoy the thrill the players do when they hit a hole in one.

The US Open Golf Tournament Through the Years

Founded in 1895, the tournament’s genesis came in Rhode Island. Changing from 36-holes to 72 in 1898, the tournament’s history has stayed consistent to the 72-hole format which has not since changed.

The tournament’s winners have spanned the world: from England and Jersey to South Africa and Australia, with a number of United States winners being crowned champion as well.

Will the previous winner go back to back? Is the underdog being slept on? Only one way to find out! Keep an eye on Betway Sports as we get closer to the tournament and make sure to check out all our news and updates. With our amazing betting options, it’s never been so easy to bet on the US Open Golf!

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Who Can Play in The US Open Golf Tournament

The US Open Golf tournament is open to both professionals and amateurs; however, amateurs must not have a handicap over 1.4 to even have a chance at the US Open Golf Leaderboard. Players either have to earn their spot by qualifying or meet one of fourteen conditions to automatically be entered.

For example, the winner of the Mark H. McCormack Medal, who is considered the number one amateur in the world, automatically qualifies for the US Open. With the largest payout field of any of the four majors, the $12.5 million dollar payout distributed among the winners makes the US Open Golf tournament a coveted payday for professionals and amateurs alike. But it’s not just the players who get excited - fans love US Open Golf betting!

Betting on The US Open Winner and More

Get your summer into full-swing with plenty of US Open betting options. Starting on the third weekend in June, the golf tournament welcomes a field of 156 players. Watch as they drive, chip, and putt through 72 holes, ranking on the US Open golf leaderboard. As you watch, log on to the Betway Sports app to view US Open betting odds and scores. Get updates in real-time, so you never have to worry about missing out on any of the action.

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US Open Golf Betting Trivia

We do our best to make sure that you are well informed. From live up-to-swing updates, to live sports betting odds, our goal is to make sure you never miss out on the action. Here is some US Open Golf trivia for you to have some fun with while you consider Betway Sports for all of your US Open action.

How much money did the first winner of the US Open win?
The first winner took home a cash prize of $150, as well as a $50 gold medal!

How much did the winner of the 2019 US Open take home?
The person at the top of the US Open Golf Leaderboard in 2019 was awarded a cash prize of over $2 million dollars, no medal, though. Oh, how times have changed!

How old was the youngest player to make the field of players in US Open golf tournament history?
The youngest player in US Open history was 14 years old when he qualified in 2012.

How do I view the US Open winner odds in the Betway Sports app?
It’s simple! Log in to the Betway Sports app, click on the “Golf” tab, find “US Open Golf”, and you’re there!

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US Open Golf – A Game of Class and History

The US Open Golf tournament is one of the most highly revered golf competitions. As one of the four major tournaments, it’s often seen as a testing ground for talent both new and old. Many famous players made their name at the US Open and many fought to hold on to glory by winning the US Open champion title.

And although at the beginning, the tournament was dominated by the British, US players have taken the reigns. They are most numerous amongst the US Open Golf winners. In fact, the US Open Golf tournament is considered a proud part of American tradition.

Whether your preferred choice for US Open Golf betting is to place outright bets or top 5/10/20, you will find all options you need on Betway Sports. From six-shooters to many variants of each-way betting, Betway will become your new favorite online spot during the US Open Golf.

In addition to a great variety of betting types, we also offer in-play betting and the latest updates on all games. Your enjoyment of golf will significantly increase once you check out everything Betway Sports offers for passionate golf fans who love US Open Golf betting! 

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