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Table Tennis Betting at Betway Sports

If you love table tennis, you’ll probably enjoy table tennis betting online.Betway Sports makes it easy to place bets and follow your favorite leagues and players!

While not as ubiquitous as other sports, professional table tennis can be very exciting. The sport attracts some of the best and most quick-witted athletes on the planet.

Betway Sports offers the best odds on all the top table tennis matches from around the world. Bet on your favorites or give the underdogs a chance. If you’re looking for table tennis odds and tips, you can always bet on props such as the match's winning margin of each game, if extra points will be needed, or a simple bet on who will win.

Should the odds change mid-match, you can place a timely bet with in-play betting.

While there are a lot of online betting sites, none are as simple to use as Betway Sports. All the action starts with a sign up!

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Learn More About Table Tennis Betting & Odds in the Top Table Tennis Leagues!

Table tennis is the perfect game to bet on. Matches are happening all the time, and Betway Sports covers them all! Plus, it’s really simple to learn how to bet on table tennis!

To find these matches, you need to look overseas. There is not much professional table tennis happening in the United States, but the international scene is thriving. The top two governing bodies are the International Table Tennis Federation [ITTF] and the European Table Tennis Union [ETTU]. These bodies oversee many different leagues and tournaments around the world. The Chinese Super League is probably the most interesting one to follow, but German Bundesliga and Russian Premier League are close seconds!

One of the bigger leagues for both men and women would be Liga Pro Moscow [LPM]. Matches take place each day, with a new match popping up every 15 minutes in some cases! That equals new chances for you to play all the time. And if you’re die-hard table tennis fan, you should never miss out on these championships and tournaments:

  • World Championships
  • Summer Olympic Games
  • European Championships
  • The Mediterranean Games
  • Asian Championships

The Czech Liga Pro [CLP] is another great option, a highly active and highly competitive league.

Outside of Europe, the Chinese Super League [CSL] is perhaps the biggest table tennis league of them all. China produces some of the best table tennis players around, and top players from other countries routinely choose to compete in China. So if you want to practice your betting skills and really learn how to become an expert at table tennis betting, Chinese tournaments are the way to go!

As you can see, table tennis leagues are quite numerous. With such a big community, tips on odds and betting strategies are pretty easy to come by. Arm yourself with knowledge and head over to Betway Sports to place your bets!

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Coming Up: The Biggest Events in Table Tennis

Table tennis is a big deal internationally. From world championships to Olympic Games and country tournaments, there’s always something exciting to look out for. It’s one thing to be a passionate bettor, but do you know which events to follow?

There are plenty of big events coming up in the table tennis world that you can place your bets on. And if you choose to do so through Betway Sports, you are already winning!

Here are some of the big tournaments we’re excited for:

As you can see, there are always some great events for table tennis fans, and 2021 looks to host the same packed schedule of international table tennis games. Find all the action and betting tips every day on Betway Sports!

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Who Are the Top Table Tennis Players in the World?

Much like with regular tennis, the world of table tennis does not feature teams like baseball and football do. It is an individual sport, meaning that if you want to place your bets on the favorites, you need to know each player's name. Following a player’s career can give you an insight into the game and provide you with some amazing table tennis betting tips.

With that in mind, here are some countries which produce the best active table tennis players in the world!


Most successful table tennis athletes come from China. This makes sense, as China is the country with the strongest table tennis leagues that attract the most elite athletes. According to the ITTF, 5 out of the top 10 male table tennis players in the world are Chinese, while 6 out of the top 10 female players are Chinese.

According to ITTF rankings, China has many table tennis players in the top 10 ranks. Both men and women like to compete and they surely give it their all to win. All these athletes are far ahead of the rest of the pack. Our betting tip: Chinese players are always strong contenders for the top ranking in the world and some of the best options when it comes to betting.


While Americans have not taken to table tennis as much as other nations, there are some great American table tennis players to follow. Some successful players even become the stars of the US Olympics team.

The current top American male table tennis player has won the US National Table Tennis Championship four years in a row! He is currently ranked 26 in the ITTF rankings.

The top American woman in table tennis is currently ranked 27th in the world. She has won three out of the last four women's US national table tennis championships.

These are just some of the many great athletes that make up the world of table tennis. If you want to learn how to place a winning bet, Betway Sports is the way to go! With the coverage of all table tennis matches, you’ll never miss a game. Get some pro betting tips, find the best betting types, and begin your table tennis betting adventure!

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