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Top NFL Betting Lines at Betway Sports

The National Football League is one of the most exciting football leagues in the US. It has a huge following, and millions of Americans tune in each year to see who wins the Super Bowl. It’s no wonder then that fans of the game and sports betting get excited about NFL betting odds and lines for point spreads, moneyline and more.

The NFL consists of 32 teams divided into the National Football Conference (NFC) and the American Football Conference (AFC). The NFL season starts in September and ends in December. After that, seven teams from each conference compete in playoffs and the winners of the NFC and AFC face-off in the Super Bowl.

A Short History of the NFL

Did you know that the NFL celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2020? That’s right, this famed league was formed in 1920. The system we know and love today was established in 1967 when the NFL was merged with the American Football League (AFL).

In these 100 years, the NFL grew to be the most popular professional sports league in the US! It’s final event, the Super Bowl, is one of the most-watched TV broadcasts in America. At Betway Sports, you can follow the NFL point spreads and find the best NFL odds, NFL moneyline wagers and NFL betting lines, ensuring that you celebrate your prizes along with the winners!

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What makes a truly great NFL team?

The NFL teams gather some of the best athletes in the world. But beyond that, an NFL franchise also depends on the owner, general manager, and head coach. So, who is more crucial to the team’s success - the management or the players? This is an ongoing discussion, with many arguments for both sides.

Still, if there’s one thing everyone can agree on, it’s the importance of a great quarterback. That importance is reflected in a quarterback’s salary - they are the highest-paid NFL team members by far. Surprised? High salaries are no wonder when you understand that a quarterback leads the team on the field and ensures great offense. 

In fact, in the vast majority of NFL drafts, the quarterback is the first one to get picked. They are also fan-favorites and sports bettors look to the quarterbacks to decide whether the team is worth betting on.

How does the NFL Draft work?

The NFL Draft has seven rounds and each team gets one pick per round. Who goes first? Surprisingly, the team that had the worst results in the previous season gets precedence in choosing their new players.

During the three days of the NFL Draft, both team management and sports bettors pay close attention. A great new quarterback can make or break the team, but other positions also warrant excitement.

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NFL League Stats and Notable Events

Any NFL betting fan worth his salt takes stats into consideration when making a bet. We’re here to help you understand some NFL stats as they relate to NFL lines, scores, odds, and notable events!

League Stats

As a league, the NFL boasts some truly amazing stats. As the most popular sports league in the US, the NFL has the highest average attendance. But, its dominance goes far beyond the United States. In fact, no other professional sports league in the world can touch NFL attendance records.

Notable Events

The Super Bowl is certainly the most widely watched NFL event. It was established in 1967, and today its broadcasts attract millions of viewers. This event is a part of American tradition, with Super Bowl Sunday becoming almost a national holiday.

The 2017 Super Bowl is considered one of the best games ever seen. Two of the most popular NFL teams played a fierce game, and the Boston wonders won against all odds. This team played another such Super Bowl in 2008. That year, they lost to another great underdog.

It just goes to show that with Super Bowls, you can never know who will win. That’s what makes NFL betting so exciting!

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Top NFL Odds and League

The NFL remains one of the most popular sports events to follow in the US. With superstar players, great teams, and exciting games, we’re not surprised that this league attracts bettors like no other! Following the scores, discussing player stats, watching the games, finding the best NFL moneyline wagers and odds – it all contributes to the fun and joy of betting.

You’ll find no event so popular and anticipated as the NFL Super Bowl. For those who like to bet on NFL, this event is like Christmas! At Betway Sports, we like to join in the fun and offer the best sports betting experience with supreme bet types, news, and odds for your NFL betting needs!

The best and the foremost football league in the US, the NFL promises many exciting games to come. With crazy-high attendance and the excitement generated around star teams, every sports fan can find something fun to watch during the NFL games. Whoever your favorite football team may be, one thing is certain – the NFL will deliver the best spectator and bettor sports experience!

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