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NFL Odds and NFL Betting Lines – Bet on NFL at Betway Sports

Stadiums around America are full again, and the NFL is well and truly back. The 2021 NFL season has been packed with excitement already as we move into the fall and winter schedule, and when the weather cools down, the action and intensity always heats up!

The action on the field and the unpredictability of the NFL makes NFL betting a truly exciting experience. Each NFL season throws up surprises as teams can go from outsiders to contenders with one good draft pick. One seemingly ubiquitous presence is Tom Brady, whose Tampa Bay Buccaneers team is looking dangerous once again. Check out NFL betting odds with Betway Sportsbook each week of the NFL season for the best NFL lines and most exciting NFL prop bets.

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Live NFL Betting 

You think you know ball? Live NFL betting brings you even closer to the action. If you see momentum swinging or sense a big turnover is coming, live NFL odds allow you to back your own expertise in real time! If you bet the spread pre-game and it looks like a winner, you can double down on that with live betting. If you couldn’t pick a side pre-game but you like the matchup in the first quarter, you can back a side based on what you’re seeing unfold. 

NFL Odds This Week 

Check out the best NFL odds this week with Betway Sportsbook. Each week of the 17-week NFL season, Betway offers some of the best weekly NFL lines and props available anywhere online. Weekly NFL lines are out now so bet on NFL now with Betway.  

What is a Moneyline Bet on NFL? 

A moneyline bet on NFL games is simply a choice of which team you think will win the game outright. There’s no points spread to take into account and odds are set by Betway Sports based on each team’s perceived chance to win the game.  There are three possible outcomes of an NFL moneyline bet: 

  1. Win – The team you backed won the game by any score and you win the bet. 

  1. Loss – The team you backed lost the game by any score and you lose the bet. 

  1. Draw – The game or game segment (half, quarter, period etc.) ended in a tie. The bet is a push. 

Moneyline bets will appear at Betway like this: 

Team A, the favorite (-250)  

Team B, the underdog (+200) 

Using the above example, the moneyline on Team B, the underdog, is +200, meaning a $100 wager would pay $200 in profit ($300 total return). If Team B wins the game. +200 is 2-to-1, +300 is 3-to-1 and so on. The favorite, Team A, is -250 to win the game outright, meaning you would need to wager $250 to win $100. Since the favorite is considered to have a better chance of victory, a bet on a favorite always pays out less than a bet on an underdog. 

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A Short History of the NFL

Did you know that the NFL celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2020? That’s right, this famed league was formed in 1920. The system we know and love today was established in 1967 when the NFL was merged with the American Football League (AFL).
In these 100 years, the NFL has grown to be the most popular professional sports league in America. Its showpiece event, the Super Bowl, is one of the most-watched TV broadcasts in the world. At Betway Sports, you can follow the NFL point spreads and find the best NFL odds, NFL moneyline wagers and NFL betting lines, ensuring that you celebrate your prizes along with the winners!

How to Pick an NFL Winner

The NFL is a league of stars. Star coaches like Sean McVay of the Rams craft new and innovative offences to maximise the talents of star receivers like Davante Adams of the Packers, who try to overcome star defenders like the Browns’ Myles Garrett. However, the stars that shine brightest in the NFL are, and always have been, the quarterbacks. NFL quarterback is the most important and highest paid position in sports.

In fact, in most NFL drafts, the quarterback is the first one to get picked. They are also fan-favorites and NFL bettors look to the quarterbacks to decide whether the team is worth betting on. Picking Patrick Mahomes or Aaron Rodgers to win can be like picking the best baseball pitchers when placing your NFL bets.

Super Bowl Odds

The Super Bowl is woven into the fabric of what it means to be American. It’s the pinnacle of sport in this country and is broadcast to almost every nation on Earth. Current Super Bowl odds favour Tom Brady’s reigning champion Buccaneers to represent the NFC, with Aaron Rodgers’ Packers, Kyler Murray’s explosive Cardinals and Matthew Stafford’s re-vamped Rams right behind. In the AFC, The Buffalo Bills, led by MVP candidate Josh Allen, are the favorites, with Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs slipping behind in the Super Bowl odds due to an inconsistent offense and an underperforming defense. Check back weekly for the latest Super Bowl line movements at Betway!

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NFL Draft Specials

NFL teams are made and broken by the NFL Draft. With the right picks, a team can build a roster to can challenge for the Super Bowl for seasons to come. Make mistakes in the draft, however, and an NFL GM can set their team back years and find themselves looking for a new job.
The fastest way to improve your Super Bowl odds is to draft a franchise quarterback, so passers are always the hottest commodity. QBs were taken with the first three picks in 2021, as the Jacksonville Jaguars took Clemson star Trevor Lawrence first overall, before the New York Jets grabbed BYU gunslinger Zach Wilson and the San Francisco 49ers selected the speedy Trey Lance. Check the Betway Sportsbook in the offseason, when you can bet on NFL Draft specials, including which player will be taken first overall.

NFL MVP Odds and NFL Award Specials

From MVP to Rookie of the Year, you can find plenty of NFL award specials at the Betway Sportsbook. Unlike NFL prop bets, these are long-term futures that result in the offseason. As the only players who touch the ball on every offensive play, quarterbacks dominate the sports betting odds for the MVP award. They’re the most important players in the NFL, and the most valuable. QBs have won the award in 13 of the last 14 years, with the only exception being running back Adrian Peterson’s incredible 2012 season for the Minnesota Vikings. Five-time MVP Peyton Manning is the all-time leader, while Tom Brady has three and is again among the favorites in the NFL betting in 2021. Keep an eye on Betway’s NFL lines for the MVP award all season as the quarterbacks from the league’s best teams battle for supremacy.

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