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Australian Open Betting at Betway Sports

The first in the series of Grand Slam tournaments, betting on the Australian Open always attracts special attention. Over the two weeks at the end of January, tennis players gather to display their talents. This tournament is a chance for an experienced bettor to evaluate the players and see how they’ll fare in the next tournaments.

The quality of tennis at the Australian Open is always at a high level. Because of that, the Australian Open attracts the largest crowds out of all Grand Slam events. If you’re a tennis fan, the Australian Open is a must-see event.

Here at Betway Sports, you will find the best Australian Open betting odds and the latest Australian Open tennis scores.

The Past and Present of the Australian Open

This famous tennis championship was established in 1905. It opened its doors to professional players in 1969, one year later than the other Grand Slam tournaments. Until 1988, it had grass courts, but today various types of hardcourt surfaces are used.

The matches are played in four courts: Rod Laver Arena, Margaret Court Arena, Melbourne Arena, and Show Courts.

Whether you’re watching the games at home or at the courts, placing a wager during the Australian Open is always entertaining! At Betway Sports, we strive to make it both entertaining and educational bet on the Australian Open.

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Australian Open Tennis Odds and How to Choose a Winner

Did you know that Men’s Singles trophy in the Australian Open is called Norman Brookes Challenge Cup? It was named after Sir Norman Brookes, who won three Grand Slam trophies in his career. He also served as the president Lawn Tennis Association of Australia. He is one of the most famous tennis players ever in Australia, but who’s shaping the Australian Open tennis today?

In 2020, the Serbian tennis superstar won his eighth Australian Open trophy. He won a match against a newcomer, but the game was tense until the last minute. And although the 2020 champion is considered the king in the Melbourne Court, the young Austrian gave him a run for his money. The Australian Open odds always favor established players, but be advised, the time of young players is coming! 

Women also play great tennis in the Australian Open, with great open betting odds. In 2020, the up and coming US superstar won the game. This victory made her the youngest American to win a Grand Slam title since 1999! She is definitely a force to be reckoned with and someone to watch for years to come.

As you prepare your betting strategy, it’s always a good idea to consider players’ readiness and ability. Being that betting on the Australian Open is the first event in the Grand Slam season, it’s a great chance to place your wagers and see which player will take you to victory!

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All the Australian Open Betting Fun You Can Ask For

The Australian Open is also known as “the happy slam”. For fans in the Northern hemisphere, it certainly provides a dash of fun and excitement in the midst of dreary January. With so many events in different categories, the Australian Open tennis matches are also a bettor’s dream to bet on. Whether you’re betting on the longstanding champions or supporting new talent, every match is filled with fun!

Here at Betway Sports, we strive to enhance your enjoyment of the game. As the tournament approaches, find the latest Australian Open results and the best betting odds you can imagine. Browse through our sportsbook to see what’s in store for enthusiastic bettors.

While only luck can decide winners, at Betway Sports you get a chance to place your best in a fun, easy, and responsible way. Sign up to place your bets on the Australian Open results.

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The Australian Open Events to Watch For

The best of the best gather every year in Melbourne to play tennis, promising plenty of fun for fans and sports bettors. These are the events to follow and bet on:

  • Men's Singles
  • Women's Singles
  • Men's Doubles
  • Women's Doubles
  • Mixed Doubles

Men’s Singles feature 128 competitors, 16 qualifiers, and 8 wildcards. They play in the best-of-five sets. When it comes to Men’s Doubles, the deciding factor is the best-of-three sets. Women’s Singles feature the same number of participants, but they play the best-of-three.

In addition to the five main events, the Australian Open also has open odds in categories such as junior championships and wheelchair, legends, and exhibition games. A dedicated sports bettor can find amazing chances and offers in all these categories right here at Betway Sports!

The Australian Open Records and Betting

The Serbian force of nature holds the record with the most won titles. He is also the one who won the most consecutive titles—three.

When it comes to women, there’s no doubt on who the undisputed queen of Melbourne courts is: she’s won seven titles! On the other hand, the youngest women player to ever win the Australian Open won her title when she was only 16 years old!

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