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Football Betting at Betway Sports

At Betway Sports, we offer our members the best in football action, covering the National Football League (NFL) and National Collegiate Athletic Association Football (NCAAF). The two categories cover professional league and college sports, allowing you to wager on your favorite teams and the top performing teams in the league. We have football fully covered during the regular season and postseason, so you can enjoy online sports betting at any time, with a long list of football betting lines and odds available! If it is happening in the sport, then we have you covered! Our football betting odds are second to none and always updated so that you can wager anytime during the season!

Betway Sports also covers the Canadian Football League, also known as the CFL. The league consists of nine teams, with two divisions: East and West. Odds are provided for this league as well, for players to wager on top games outside the US.

Football Betting Lines and Odds

When it comes to football odds, we offer only the best action. You can place straight moneyline bets or go with the simple option of totals, where you decide if the final combined score of both teams will be over or under. We also offer Point Spread and Prop Bets within our football odds.

At Betway Sports, we know that you want options. We offer pre-game wagering as well as live-betting, so you can go ahead and place a bet before the big game or wait until the action starts to make your decisions. Every bettor is different, so we focus on offering a variety of wagering options to suit your mood and style of bet.

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NFL and NCAAF Online Sports Betting Coverage

When you join Betway Sports, you have access to premium odds and sports betting coverage. We focus on the entire season, including postseason and championship games, so you can always bet on your favorite football teams.

The most popular league for football sports wagering is the NFL. The professional league has 32 teams and is split into two conferences, the AFC and NFC. With the regular season consisting of 512 games, we cover all the action. Games that take place during the Thanksgiving holiday are a popular choice among bettors and we cover all the action, so you can bet while you enjoy a little turkey!

We also focus on the postseason, with games available for betting including the most important: The Super Bowl! Betway also covers the Conference Playoffs and Pro Bowl. Our betting lines can’t be beat! Access money line, point spread, totals, and prop bets throughout the season. Whatever type of bet you wish to make, Betway Sports has it on offer.

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Bet on the Top Events in Football

As you search Betway Sports during the season, you will find we cover all the major sporting events. During the NFL season, we not only focus on the main games, but we also cover the playoffs as the best of the best vie for a spot in the Super Bowl. For sports fans, we cover it all. Monday Night Football, Thursday Night Football, Sunday Night Football, Thanksgiving games and even divisional rivalries are covered! We know you love all things football, so we offer you everything, all the action in one place!

Find all the best odds and football lines offered during these big games so you can bet on every aspect of the season.

For the NCAAF, we also provide maximum coverage. The Heisman is a popular award offered to the best of the best in college football. The winner often goes on to be the first pick in the NFL draft. Easily wager on who will win at our site! Visit our football section at Betway Sports to access betting options on regular season games, as well as division playoffs and the National Championship. We cover everything so you can find all your betting options in one place.

Whether you prefer the NFL or NCAAF we have everything you need for quality sports betting. Find money lines, live-betting, prop bets, point spreads and totals for all college and professional league games.

Consider Betway Sports your one-stop shop for football betting!

When are Odds Listed?

We provide up to the minute odds on all NFL and NCAAF events. Find options listed before the big game as well as live-betting during events.

Will My Favorite Team Be Covered?

We focus online sports betting odds on every team and every game. If your favorite team plays in the NFL or NCAAF you’ll find them listed on our site. Easily view betting lines and NCAAF odds in real time.

Odds and betting options are easily listed on the home page, accessed via mobile device or desktop computer. Click on the Football category at the middle of our home page to get started!

How to Bet On Football

Hone your online sports betting skills in a secure environment with competitive odds and a nice selection of wagering options

By developing a strategy, you can better execute you sports betting goals. Easily read lines and find a bet that works for you by following the tips below.

Betting Strategy:

Try changing up your betting strategy during the regular season and see what works for you. Perhaps Point Spread is your best option, or maybe prop bets? You also have moneyline and points total at Betway. Look at your betting options and consider which teams you are betting on to choose the right bet. With Moneyline, you will wager on who will win a game. The points total wager you are betting on whether or not the outcome will be over or under the points total posted in the odds.

Learn more about these betting types as well as additional options like Parlays and Prop Bets. Once you understand how the betting options work, you can place wagers of various types.

Mobile Betting:

Use your mobile device or desktop for easy wagering. We make it easy for anyone to wager while enjoying America’s favorite sport, football! Sign up for a new account to get started with NFL and NCAAF wagering once the new season begins.

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The Best of the Best in the NFL and NCAAF

When it comes to football, there are certain teams in the NFL and NCAAF that stand out above the rest. The top performers make it to the end of the season, competing in the playoffs to try and vie for that coveted Super Bowl win or the National Championship prize. Football odds and NCAAF odds are updated to include data after teams perform each week to showcase the best of the best as well as the underdogs!

At Betway Sports, we find that betting often picks up during the new season regarding the best teams. Players will bet on the underdog, but nine times out of 10, they focus on betting for the top teams in their favorite league! Check out the top teams in the football section to being betting on the pro teams!

Betting On Your Favorite Teams

Every football fan has their favorite team, the one they root for no matter what. At Betway Sports, you will find odds on every team, whether you love the top favorite or the worst in the league! Each year, the top teams change, some go from bad to worse, which makes the NFL that much more exciting! Every season, there is adrenaline rush to see your favorite team hit the field and hopefully score enough TDs to earn a win every time they play a rival or tough competitor. Bet on your favorite team by reviewing the football section of Betway.

Top NCAAF Teams

In the NCAAF, the top teams usually reside in the Southeastern Conference (SEC), the Atlantic Coast Conference or the Pac Ten. Usually, fans root for a team in their area. If you are from Alabama or Florida, you most likely cheer for a SEC team. If you are from South Carolina, then you might pull for a team in the Atlantic Coast Conference. No matter what NCAAF team is your favorite, wagers are offered at Betway so you can post a bet on your favorite team.

Top CFL Teams

At Betway, we also cover teams in the Canadian Football League or CFL. The league is the highest level of competition football in Canada, so we felt it was important to provide betting coverage. The league has nine teams and each is located in a major city. These teams are then divided into two divisions. Four teams are located in the East Division and four in the West Division. Find betting markets on the CFL during the exciting season at Betway.

Whether you are looking for NFL betting lines or college football betting, along with international options, we have you covered! Click the button at the top of the page to sign up and join in the Betway Sports betting action.

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