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Hockey Betting at Betway Sports

A sport like hockey could only have been invented in a region as cold as Canada. Since its birth in Canada in 1875, hockey has become globally popular. It’s no wonder when you consider how exciting this sport can be, both for bettors and regular audiences. Everyone wants to cheer their favorite team on!

No online betting venture is complete without taking a chance on a fast, fun, exciting game of hockey. Doing so through Betway Sports offers the best hockey betting odds, promotions, bonuses, and incentives, plus the strongest hockey odds.

Betway Sports offers prop bets galore, from betting on who scores first to who wins the first fight. You can also bet on the spread, if the prospect of total points intrigues you more than betting on one particular team.

We also offer live-betting! If you don't like the odds at the opening faceoff, you can join in at any time should the odds change in your favor.

Hockey and Betway Sports: a perfect team for your betting dollar!

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Hockey Betting Lines & Odds on Major Leagues In the Hockey World

Are you planning to watch some great NHL games and find the best betting options online? If so, it is a good idea to know about the many great leagues from around the world. After all, the more opportunities for betting you have, the more likely you are to win big!

Of course, no hockey league is bigger than the National Hockey League (NHL). Plus, nothing beats the excitement of NHL playoffs! The NHL has been around since the turn of the 20th century and is largely the reason why hockey evolved from a rural Canadian sport into the international goliath it is today. While all the NHL teams are based in the United States and Canada, the league attracts the best players from all around the world! When two NHL giants are playing, you know the hockey betting lines and odds will be good.

Over in Eurasia, the Kontinental Hockey League (KHL) offers tons of bang for your online sports betting buck. The KHL currently recognizes 24 teams from all around Europe, along with Russia and China.

Then there are nationally-based leagues, such as the Swedish Hockey League (SHL), the Finnish Elite League (FEL), and Czech Extraliga among many others.

No matter where they are, all these leagues offer great hockey action at Betway Sports. Especially when it comes to the NHL, you’ll find no better opportunities for hockey betting anywhere else! With Betway Sports, there are many chances to bet on different outcomes and have fun watching hockey!


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What Big-Time Hockey Events Are Coming Up?

Your hockey betting needs will easily be satisfied in the coming months. There are major events on the horizon

that will determine the top teams in the world. The online sports betting world eagerly awaits each one!

US and Canada

The NHL's annual Stanley Cup playoffs are always among the hottest tickets in the hockey town. There’s simply no hockey fan who doesn’t like to place bets during the NHL games. The top sixteen teams in the NHL compete in a series of best-of-seven rounds. This includes the championship round. Whichever team wins that round will be crowned the 2020 Stanley Cup champions.

With all that hockey action (most rounds typically go to six or seven games), the options of what games to bet on are endless, as are the betting options that accompany them. With so many games lined up, you might have a hard time choosing the best games to bet on. With Betway Sports, you can rest assured you will always find the latest updates on the games and the best hockey bets out there!


Elsewhere around the world, the KHL plays its Opening Cup match in early September each year. This is followed by the playoffs starting in March of the following year. The KHL year culminates in the Gagarin Cup championship to determine the top team in Eurasia.

Similarly, the SHL begins its season in September and drives toward their Swedish Championship playoffs beginning each March.

These championships are truly exciting for both players and bettors. Teams and athletes are super-hungry to win and prove themselves. And when betting on sports online, you will want to get the best options, especially if you bet on hockey!

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The Best Hockey Teams To Bet On

When betting on online sports such as hockey, it's imperative that you know who the best teams in each league are. A team with a proven track record will always have the odds swing in their favor. That’s why you should know which team is more likely to provide a big win if you bet again.

NHL Giants

In the NHL, the defending champions hail out of St. Louis. They did not take the following year off, either. They are entering the playoffs with the second-best record in the entire NHL, and the best record in the Western Conference. They have an incredibly good chance of becoming Stanley Cup champions again. If you’re looking for a safe bet, it seems like this team is it, especially with the hockey betting odds going in their favor.

That is, of course, unless the six-time champions out of Boston have anything to say about it. This legendary team has won six Stanley Cups in their long history and they are set to enter the playoffs with the best record in the league. They are as hungry as anybody to bring the trophy back home.

However, the NHL wouldn’t be half as fun for bettors if there weren’t some surprises. What are your favorite underdogs in the hockey world? Who is stepping their game up? There are definitely some great teams to watch out for—spice up your watching experience by choosing some unlikely champions.

Eurasian Teams

Although the Kontinental Hockey League is international, Russian teams hold undisputed dominance. In fact, there’s a separate title reserved for them! In addition to the Gagarin Cup which is awarded to the playoff champion at the end of the season, the KHL awards the title of Champion of Russia to the best Russian team of the year. That means that certain Moscow champions win two KHL titles almost on the regular!

In the SHL, there are 14 teams competing for the Le Mat Trophy. They come from all over Sweden, with the most successful teams hailing from Gothenburg and Lulea.

When it comes to hockey, the excitement never ends! Betting smart means looking for the best options for fun hockey betting and Betway Sports offers you exactly that. Your love for hockey can only grow when you see the amazing hockey extravaganza we’ve prepared.

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