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Premium NHL Betting at Betway Sports

Ice hockey is one of the most popular sports in the United States. Fans love to watch their favorite players out on the ice, with everyone vying for the puck to score a winning goal! Among bettors, NHL odds are in high demand, all season long! At Betway Sports, we offer premium NHL betting, with plenty of options for you to choose from.

Whether you are searching for NHL spreads, puck lines, moneylines, period lines, prop bets or division futures, we have you covered for hockey betting. Betway Sports is the number one sport for online hockey betting on the biggest league in the sport. Easily bet in NHL scores and other options at our site!

The league has a preseason, where teams warm up before the regular season begins. We offer betting lines on those games as well as during the 82-game regular season. Stay with us through the NHL playoff odds postseason and into the NHL Stanley Cup Finals to access up-to-the-minute odds for in-play betting, futures and more. No matter what your NHL betting needs, we offer it all.

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Top Teams to Follow in the League for the Best NHL Odds

If you are a sports fans, you either follow the underdog because they are your favorite team, or you stick with the best in the game. In the National Hockey League, there are top teams that always seem to find their way into the Stanley Cup Finals, or at least get close to the top. NHL standings and team performance help you to make informed sports betting decisions. At Betway Sports, you can find information on all teams as well as updates on leagues and NHL scores, making it easy for you to choose the right bet on each NHL game.

Top teams in the NHL will have the best players, showing out every time they hit the ice. By keeping up with the best teams in the league, you will know which teams are the ones to beat and which ones are the underdog.

Keeping track of player statistics is helpful with the betting process. When a player is hurt and unable to compete in a matchup, it can affect the outcome of a game. An underdog can easily claim a win when they are expected to lose if top players of the opposing team are unable to compete. Keep track of the latest details involving players of the best teams when making your betting decisions.

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Follow all the Action at Betway Sports, Including the Stanley Cup

While hockey fans enjoy betting during the regular NHL season, it is the postseason and Stanley Cup that really heats up the action. We know that as the season progresses, the fight for the Cup becomes more intense. Easily wager on the bigger games as they take place during the post-season, keeping up with NHL scores and as teams make it to the Stanley Cup Finals. After enjoying betting on the regular season games, go to Betway Sports to find the updated NHL playoff odds that you can wager as the season comes to an end.  

At Betway Sports, we offer a large selection of betting options. You can access futures and in-play wagering along with a host of additional wagering types based on your specific needs.

NHL Betting Types

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Find Top NHL Odds and More

At Betway Sports, we provide a premium resource for all your NHL wagering needs. We cover NHL scores and odds, and offer plenty of betting markets, so you can easily find what you are looking for. During the season, find daily betting numbers for every hockey team, including your favorites. Check out futures, see updates on the NHL Stanley Cup odds, and access in-play options.

Simply click on the NHL section to begin. During the season, this category is filled with betting for every game. Channel your sports know-how and place wagers on your favorite team, the underdog or a bit of both! The choice is yours!

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