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Exciting NWSL Betting at Betway Sports

The National Women’s Soccer League, or NWSL for short, is a professional soccer league for women based in the United States. In the league, there are a total of nine teams. Of these teams, four are associated with Major League Soccer teams. Four teams are independent, and one is connected to the men’s USL Championship team.

At Betway Sports, we make it easy for you to wager on the league, with the full NWSL schedule available. Find premium NWSL betting options on all games, with NSWL odds, 3-way bets, points total and more!

Women’s soccer is extremely competitive, which makes it super exciting to watch! As you dive into each game, you will find that the players push themselves to the limit in order to score a goal and see their team earn a victory! Adding betting options to your viewing can make being a fan of soccer even more fun.

In-Play Betting at its Finest

Easily ramp up your excitement by choosing to take advantage of our in-play betting options on this competitive sport. Every NWSL game sees players moving quickly down the field and the score can change at any time. With our in-play betting option, you can place wagers in real time, as the soccer action takes place! This adds much more excitement to your viewing experience.

At Betway Sports, we change up our NSWL betting lines and NWSL odds continually with the schedule, so you can make smart decisions in real time. Bet as you watch the next matchup of tough competitors and see if you have what it takes to place a winning wager!

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Top Performing Teams in NWSL

Every season, the top performing teams in the NWSL changes. Player injury, new recruits as well as other factors play a role in how successful a team will be. When it comes to sports betting, keeping track of such changes and how teams are performing early on, can help you to place smart soccer bets.

When it comes to soccer, any NWSL betting tips you come across will include following the top teams. By reviewing the stats of top teams as well as how they perform during the NWSL schedule, you have the tools needed to make an informed bet at our sportsbook.

Every team in NWSL are covered at Betway Sports with competitive odds. Our site adds odds in real time, so bets can be placed before and during every women’s soccer game. Keep track of all the women’s soccer action at Betway with the option to wager in several betting markets.  

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Get to Know the NWSL

Getting to know the league adds more fun and excitement to your sports betting. Check out a few unique points below!

The NWSL schedule is jam-packed with action every year. Use Betway Sports for your sports betting needs and access plenty of wagering options during the regular season, playoff games and the championship! Easily bet on your favorite teams from start to finish!

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The Best in NWSL Odds and More

When it comes to NWSL betting, odds, and more, we have you covered. With an account at Betway Sports, access a full list of betting options. We offer moneyline wagers, points totals, in-play, prop bets and more. If it’s a wagering option, we got it! As a member of Betway Sports, you have access to a responsible and secure gaming site. Place sports bets any time you like wherever you are, with our app or desktop site.

The NWSL is a home-grown soccer league for women, where we get a chance to see some of the best soccer talent in the US. As far as professional sports go, this league is one that offers premium action and adrenaline. Add to your viewing pleasure by posting wagers on your favorite teams or players. Find all available betting lines at Betway Sports, with the best data, NWSL odds info and features for your betting fun.

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