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Bet on The Masters 2021 at Betway Sports

Established in 1934, golf fans have enjoyed the Masters for decades. The tournament is one of the biggest events in the world of sports, not just within the realm of golf. Tens of millions of people tune in each year via TV to see who will claim the coveted title. Fans always ask, “When is the Masters?” or want to know how to watch the Masters, to keep up with all the action. At Betway Sports, we make it easy for you to wager on this big golf event with a solid selection of Masters betting options.

The event is renowned around the world for honoring unique traditions in the sport. It the only major championship in the world of golf where the winner claims a green jacket. This is a sign of success in the golf world, to wear this illustrious jacket! The Masters also bans the use of cameras or phones, which is quite odd these days!

Masters Winner Betting Odds

So, what are the Masters best bets? What options does Betway Sports offer? There is much to explore in this category of golf betting at our sportsbook. First, you can choose Futures, a way to bet now on who will win the next event. These odds will change over time as the event approaches. You will also find additional betting types like two-or three-ball matchups for individual rounds or the entire tournament. You can also wager on over/under lines, straight forecast, and placing/finish bets. Follow news feeds so you know when The Masters will take place so you can take advantage of all these betting options!

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Fierce Competition on the Green

The Masters takes place every year at the Augusta National Golf Club. This course is one of the most famous and exclusive golf clubs in the world. The eye-catching course in Georgia has been open since 1932 and continues to serve as the go-to spot for this prestigious event. So, while you may have to ask yourself, when is the Masters, you will never have to ask where!

The course is beautiful and makes the Masters enjoyable to watch. There are many unique spots along the course including Rae’s Creek. The creek flows along the back of the 11th green and along the front of the 12th green. The area is actually the lowest elevation of the course and one of its most beautiful spots.

Easily bet on the best by accessing our sports betting options via the golf tab at Betway Sports. We focus on all types of golf wagering. Along with the Masters odds, we also offer US Open golf betting odds among other big events. Our platform offers the largest selection of golf waging on all events, including the majors!

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Earning the Coveted Green Jacket

If you follow the odds to win Masters, odds to win US Golf Open or other big events, you know the top players are vying for a big win. They want to earn the championship and be considered the best. The pros never ask when the Masters is, because they are ready to compete after the last one ended! When it comes to the Masters, the players competing want the Green Jacket. This is a top symbol of accomplishment in the sport of golf. Everyone wants to obtain this high accolade and will work as hard as they can to get it!

Bettors enjoy placing wagers on which pro will end up with the green jacket year after year. The Masters best bets are usually on big players who are trending to win the big event. Check out odds before the tournament to see who the trending players are.

A Long-Standing Tradition

The tradition of wearing the green jacket started in 1937. Back then, the jackets were purchased from Brooks Uniform Co. in New York. The goal was to create a look that distinguished those in the special club. Every year, the members of the Masters Club attend a Champions Dinner, all clad in their green jackets. The defending champion of the tournament hosts the dinner each year. You can always tell when the Masters is on once you see everyone wearing their green jackets!

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Betting on the Masters and Best Pro Golf Events

At Betway Sports, we offer the unique opportunity for sports fans to bet on the Masters. Whether you play the sport or just enjoy watching, you can easily place a bet on this big golf event! When the Masters is on, every sports fan is tuning in to see who will claim the title! Why not post a bet on the winner? Or have a little fun with an exciting prop bet? The options are endless here at Betway Sports.

Visit our site to find out more about the Master golf odds and betting options we offer including wagers on this big event. Easily place a bet or two, with a nice variety of options on offer, from futures to in-play. We offer you the best of everything, so sports betting is an easy fit with Betway Sports!

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