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Bet on Basketball at Betway Sports

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world. Unlike football and baseball that have a largely US fandom, basketball has won the hearts of sports fans and bettors everywhere. In fact, although the NBA is a US league, its success is also based on the huge audience it draws worldwide.

Keeping that in mind, it’s no wonder that basketball betting is one of the most popular pastimes for sports fans. Basketball is a dynamic sport, so there is always some new talent waiting to jump off the bench and make the game even more exciting!

At Betway Sports, you will find the best basketball odds in the US, but we also offer tons of chances to win great cash and prizes by betting on international games!

Betway Sports also provides various promotions, bonuses, and incentives for the enterprising gambler. From incredible lines to prop bets: Betway has it all! 

In addition, we offer live-betting for anyone who wishes to jump in part way through a game. For example, should the odds change because a star player gets injured and cannot continue playing, we make it easy to join in and bet on those new odds!

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Basketball Betting Odds & Lines and the Major Events You Need to Know About

There is no shortage of great, fun, competitive basketball leagues to bet on. Betting with Betway Sports, you’ll never miss an update on a major league or event!

  • National Basketball Association (NBA): In the United States, the undisputed champion of professional basketball leagues is the NBA league. Founded in 1946, the NBA consists of 30 teams, all made up of some of the best players in the world. If you’re looking to bet on basketball, you’ll find no better league to try out your chances.
  • Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA): Also in America, you have the NBA's literal sister organization, the WNBA. Much like with the NBA, the WNBA features some of the greatest female basketball talents in the world, spread out over 12 great teams.
  • National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA): On the collegiate level, the top league to follow is undoubtedly the NCAA. Division 1 houses the finest collegiate players in the country, many of whom have gone on to become NBA legends!
  • EuroLeague: Outside of America, the EuroLeague reigns supreme. With players all over the world, the EuroLeague draws huge audiences in all European countries and beyond.

Chinese Basketball Association (CBA): Over in Asia, the most popular league is definitely the CBA. A dynamic and young league, it’s certainly worth keeping an eye on!

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What big Events are Coming up in the Basketball Betting World?

The world of basketball always has several big events coming up, which means more basketball betting opportunities for you! Whether it’s the NBA, the WNBA, or the NCAA, betting fun never ends!

In the NBA, the biggest event is indisputably the league championship known as the NBA Finals. Each spring the top 16 teams in the league will compete in a series of best-of-seven games. The first team to win four games advances to the next round.

When all the rounds are over, this is when the fun begins!

The NBA Finals include two teams fighting for glory. This event is typically held in June of each year. As with previous rounds, the first team to win four games will be crowned the NBA champion. Whoever plays or wins, NBA Finals attract huge audiences. The dynamic game, the excitement of betting, amazing basketball lines… NBA Finals are a must-see event for anyone who loves basketball.

The WNBA holds their playoffs in the fall, and their format might be even more exciting than the NBA! The first two rounds are single-elimination, meaning neither team will have any room for error. For an avid sports bettor, this is quite an interesting format indeed.

The final two rounds, including the Finals held each October, are best-of-five matchups. When that concludes, the WNBA Champion is announced.

On the collegiate front: every year, the top NCAA teams compete in a 68-team tournament called March Madness, to determine the year’s National Champion. This single-elimination tournament is among the most exciting and unpredictable events in all of sports. Many an underdog has shocked the world with unexpected victories, and anyone who bet on them surely reaped the rewards!

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Basketball is Definitely a Team Sport!

Betting on basketball requires that you know who the top teams are in the sport. Often, teams who have the most prominent superstar players will also draw the best odds. When you know who’s who in the game of basketball, you’re more likely to place your bets on the right teams with the best players!

In the NBA, you can always place your bets on the current defending champions. These teams want to keep the winning streak and usually give it their all when playing. Of course, that doesn't automatically mean they'll win, so keep an eye out for underdogs. Your best strategy is watching out for injuries, trades, and intangibles such as team chemistry—these factors can bring a team from first to worst in a heartbeat.

Traditionally, the best NBA teams come from Boston and LA. The two teams from competing coasts have a combined record of 33 championships won (out of a possible 73). Some teams, such as certain New York favorites, remain popular despite their less-than-stellar records. When it comes to basketball, sometimes fans let their heart lead the way, but as a bettor, always look at the hard, cold facts!

Top International Teams

Internationally, the EuroLeague boasts a number of amazing teams. There are 18 talented squads from all over Europe, competing each year to win the coveted European Cup. Some bettors play it safe and support the most popular teams who’ve won the most championships, but in EuroLeague, anything is possible!

Whatever team you bet on, you will find the best basketball betting options on Betway Sports, for both US and international games. With some clever strategy, you could hit your lucky streak. Click the 'join' button to join in the betting fun!

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