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Online NFL Betting Odds, Lines, Spreads, Moneylines – Bet on NFL at Betway Sportsbook

At Betway Sportsbook, the world of football betting is a thrilling and ever-evolving landscape where fans and bettors come together not only to cheer for their favorite teams but also to make calculated predictions about the outcome of football games.

Our hassle-free platform makes it very easy for football fans to view the latest NFL odds and place bets on NFL games. We provide exclusive offers and daily boosted odds for a wide range of betting markets, including NFL preseason games, Thursday Night Football, Sunday Night Football, Monday Night Football, NFL prop bets, Super Bowl odds, and NFL futures to cater to both experts and beginners.

Experience the exhilarating universe of NFL betting with Betway. Build jaw-dropping winning parlays, same-game parlays, and prop bets for the sport of it. Visit our NFL betting app to stay up to date with Betway NFL Promotions.

We will provide you with insights on how it all works and the various types of bets available.

NFL Betting Explained - How does NFL Betting Work 

With the advent of online sportsbooks, betting on NFL games has never been easier. You can now place bets from the comfort of your home, using your computer or mobile device.

Understanding NFL betting odds is the key to making informed bets. You’ll encounter various types of odds, such as moneylines, spreads, and totals. These odds represent the potential profit you can make from a bet, and here we’ll break down each type for you. Placing bets on NFL games is a straightforward process, whether you’re betting on the outcome of a single game or constructing a parlay with multiple selections. Continue reading and we’ll walk you through the steps to ensure you’re ready for game day.

Below, we’ll explain everything from NFL betting trends to online NFL betting and even where to go to answer questions such as “Who is favored in tonight’s NFL game?”

How to bet on NFL Games

This section explains popular questions about how to bet on football games. We will explain how to bet on NFL games with a point spread, the best apps for NFL betting, NFL betting lines, and whom to bet on when it comes to the NFL today.

So how does one bet on NFL games?

If you are unsure of how to bet on NFL games, read our handy How to bet on NFL guide which provides you with all the information you need to start betting.

When you’re ready to place a bet, your first option is to head to the Betway Insider NFL blog category to read through our NFL experts’ picks and predictions each week. Each article will have a link to the sportsbook, where you can then place your bet.  

Otherwise, you can head straight to the Betway app to place your bet. Draftkings NFL odds and Fan Duel NFL lines are other options as well.   

The most popular market on the sportsbook for NFL betting is the moneyline market, where you
place a bet on the result of a game.  

Another popular market is spread, or handicap betting, in which one team is handed an advantage to
even the matchup. For example, if one team is a heavy favorite, it might be given a spread of - 11.5, meaning it must win the game by at least 12 points for the bet to hit.   

In addition to betting on the result of a game, you can also bet on how many total points you think will be
scored. The sportsbook will display a total, for example, 61.5, and you can bet on whether you believe there will be more or fewer than 61.5 total points scored in a specific game.   

You are also able to place bets on player performances, such as picking a player to score a touchdown, or a quarterback to throw a certain number of touchdown passes.  As well as these main markets, there are hundreds of other outcomes that you can bet on before an NFL game. Simply head to the Betway sportsbook to discover your options.

Types of NFL Betting Odds 

NFL Moneyline

A moneyline bet on NFL games is simply a choice of which team you think will win the game outright. There are no point spreads to take into account and the odds set by Betway Sports are based on each team’s perceived chance to win the game. There are three possible outcomes of an NFL moneyline bet:

1. Win – The team you backed won the game by any score and you win the bet.
2. Loss – The team you backed lost the game by any score and you lose the bet.
3. Draw – The game or game segment (half, quarter, period etc.) ended in a tie.
The bet is a push.

Moneyline bets will appear at Betway like this:

Team A, the favorite (-250)
Team B, the underdog (+200)

Using the above example, the moneyline on Team B, the underdog, is +200, meaning that a $100 wager would pay $200 in profit ($300 total return). If Team B wins the game. +200 is 2-to-1, +300 is 3-to-1 and so on. The favorite, Team A, is -250 to win the game outright, meaning you would need to wager $250 to win $100. Since the favorite is considered to have a better chance of victory, a bet on a favorite always pays out less than a bet on an underdog.

NFL Spread Betting

Point-spread betting is all about leveling the playing field. Discover how to bet on teams with an NFL point spread. 

What is a spread, and how does betting against the spread work?

A spread is the margin of points by which one team is favored over another team. If Philadelphia is a 6.5-point favorite against Washington, a bettor placing a bet on the Philadelphia spread needs the team to win by at least seven points. 

In the same scenario, a bettor can bet on Washington +6.5. For this bettor, Washington can either win the game or lose by six of fewer points for the bet to cash. 

An NFL bet against the spread is any bet that accounts for that -6.5/+6.5. In any game, NFL spreads can be as low as “pick ‘em” (meaning no spread at all) to the all-time record spread of -27.

What happens if the spread results in a tie? Let’s say Pittsburgh (-10) is playing Arizona (+10), and Pittsburgh wins 30-20. Anyone betting on the spread (for either team) would have their original bets refunded by the Betway Sportsbook. 

Each week, stay tuned for the Monday Night Football spread and the Thursday Night Football spread. 

NFL Totals - Over/Under

Totals betting focuses on the combined score of both teams. We’ll teach you how to bet
on whether the final score will be over or under a specific number.

What is the over/under-betting meaning? Let's say the over/under line is set at 47.5 in the Philadelphia vs. Washington game

a)    An Over bet means the bettor is predicting the total combined points scored by both Philadelphia and Washington will be 48 points or higher (over 47.5)
b)    An Under bet means the bettor is predicting the total combined points scored by both Philadelphia and Washington will be 47 points or lower (under 47.5)

What happens if the spread over/under in a push? Let’s say Pittsburgh is playing Arizona and the over/under is set at 40, and Pittsburgh wins 23-17. Anyone who bet on the over/under would have their original bets refunded by the Betway Sportsbook. 

Each week, check Betway for the over/under Thursday Night Football and the over/under Monday Night Football totals.

NFL Live Betting

You think you know ball? Live betting brings you even closer to the action. If you see momentum swinging or sense a big turnover is coming, live NFL odds allow you to back your own expertise in real time! If you bet the spread pregame and it looks like a winner, you can double down on that with live NFL betting. If you couldn’t pick a winner before the game but you like the matchup in the first quarter, you can back a team based on what you’re seeing unfold.

NFL Player Props

NFL player-prop bets focus on individual player performances. Learn how to bet on specific player statistics such as touchdowns, passing yardage, and more.

A player-prop bet is based on the performance of a single player. Think one team’s quarterback is going to have a big day, and his passing touchdown line is set at 2.5? If you take the over, your bet will hit if that quarterback throws for at least three touchdowns. 

Find the best NFL Prop bets today on Betway Insider USA. 

NFL Parlay Betting

NFL Parlay bets combine multiple selections into one ticket for potentially higher payouts. 

In a parlay bet, the overall wager involves multiple bets all hitting. Here’s an example: 

a)    Philadelphia (-150) is favored to beat Washington. Philadelphia moneyline: -150
b)    Pittsburgh (-9.5) is favored to beat Arizona. Pittsburgh spread: -9.5
c)    A bettor can place a parlay on both the Philadelphia moneyline AND the Pittsburgh spread. Both results need to happen in order for the bettor to win the bet. 

Why bet parlays? Parlays can offer big payouts, and bettors can bet anywhere from two to an unlimited number of selections on a single parlay, including across multiple sports. Betway offers NFL parlay bets online. 

NFL Same-Game Parlay

What is a same-game parlay? What is the same-game parlay meaning? Same-game parlays allow you to combine bets within a single NFL game for added excitement. Here is an example that combines both the moneyline and a player prop: 

d)    Philadelphia (-150) is favored to beat Washington. Philadelphia moneyline: -150
e)    The bettor predicts the Philadelphia quarterback will go over on his passing touchdown line of 2.5. Quarterback touchdown odds: -110
f)    A bettor can place a parlay on both the Philadelphia moneyline (-150) AND the Philadelphia quarterback exceeding 2.5 touchdowns (-110). 

Betway offers the best NFL same-game parlays. Each week, check Betway to see Thursday Night Football same-game parlays, Sunday Night Football same-game parlays, and Monday Night Football same-game parlays. 

Popular NFL Odds at Betway Sportsbook App

NFL Preseason Betting

The NFL preseason offers a unique opportunity for bettors to gauge team performance and make predictions before the regular season starts.

Can you bet on NFL preseason games?

Yes, you can bet on NFL preseason games at Betway. Just remember that certain key starters and star players might be absent from preseason games, so check the Betway Insider blog for updates.

NFL Preseason Odds

Betway offers NFL preseason odds, NFL preseason betting lines, and NFL preseason bets. The Betway Insider blog provides insights on NFL preseason betting trends, how to bet on the NFL preseason games, and more information about betting on NFL preseason games. 

Stay tuned for the 2024 NFL preseason odds.

NFL Regular-Season Betting

The heart of NFL betting lies in the regular season. Weekly NFL odds and weekly NFL lines are the meat and potatoes for practically every NFL bettor. New NFL betting lines emerge every week. 

On a Sunday afternoon, bettors can tune into both NFL RedZone and the Betway Sportsbook app to track and bet on the games as they happen! The Betway Sportsbook, the best NFL betting app, is the best way to bet on NFL games. You can also bet on NFL games online on the Betway website.

Thursday Night Football Betting

Thursday Night Football games provide an early chance to participate in the action. We'll discuss the specifics of betting on these prime-time clashes. Thursday night football is commonly referred to as “TNF,” so if you are looking to place bets and you see a mention of TNF odds, TNF spreads, TNF tonight, or TNF this week, you’re in the right place. 

The Thursday Night Football spread, Thursday Night Football prop bets, and Thursday Night Football player props are released earlier than those for the Sunday slate and must be locked in before the Thursday game -- make sure to pay attention to game start times. 

Thursday Night Football offers bettors a unique opportunity to get ahead on their NFL weekly picks. Thursday games are not quite as glamorous games as other prime-time games on Sundays and Mondays, but these games are often interesting and offer NFL bettors a chance to bet one extra day of the week. Bettors can still place moneylines, over/under bets, and bet against the spread for TNF just like any other game on the Betway Sportsbook.

Sunday Night Football Betting

Sunday Night Football games are often the best NFL matchup of the week, and some of the biggest games in the 2023 NFL season were scheduled on Sunday nights. We’ll fill you in on how to approach Sunday Night Football and the specifics of the game. Sunday Night Football is often referred to as “SNF,” so if you are looking to bet and see any mentions of SNF odds, SNF spread, SNF this week, or SNF tonight, you’re in the right place. 

Sunday Night Football odds, Sunday Night Football spread, and Sunday Night Football prop bets offer bettors a chance to continue betting after the slate of Sunday afternoon games have concluded. The night games are often high stakes and make for action-packed football. If you like to see the biggest NFL stars dueling it out on the biggest stage and also want a piece of the action, Sunday Night Football betting is for you.

Monday Night Football Betting

Monday Night Football games are always a fan favorite. Here we’ll explore how to bet on these high-stakes matchups. Monday Night Football is often referred to as “MNF,” so if you are looking to bet and see a mention of MNF odds, MNF spreads, MNF tonight, or MNF this week, you’re in the right place. 

The Monday Night Football odds, Monday night football prop bets, and Monday night football player props are NFL bettors’ last chance to bet for the week. The whole NFL world gathers to take in MNF, so MNF betting is high-stakes and offers bettors a chance to join the national conversation.

NFL Playoff Betting

The NFL playoffs bring intense competition every year. The playoffs feature the best teams from a given NFL season, who duel it out for a chance at the Super Bowl. NFL playoff games are some of the most back-and-forth contests the league has to offer. 

NFL playoff odds might slightly favor home teams more often, as football fans passionately come out and support their teams. NFL playoff spreads are also less lopsided than during the regular season, as only the best teams in the league are still competing.

Super Bowl Betting

The Super Bowl is the pinnacle of NFL betting. The odds of winning the Super Bowl for the following season usually come out right after the previous one ends. NFL bettors spend the offseason crafting Super Bowl bets months and months in advance. 

Super Bowl lines might vary in the two-week span between the AFC and NFC Championship Games and the Super Bowl. This shouldn't be surprising: Super Bowl odds are some of the most important pieces of information in sports! 

A popular NFL futures bet is a preseason Super Bowl wager.

NFL Futures Betting

Futures bets involve predicting long-term outcomes, such as the Super Bowl champion or regular-season MVP. Explore the world of futures betting in the NFL.

NFL betting offers a unique way to engage with the sport and potentially profit from your
knowledge and intuition. Whether you’re a seasoned bettor or just starting, this article has provided you with the insights you need to navigate the thrilling world of NFL betting. The following markets are offered at Betway US.

2024 Super Bowl Odds

The Super Bowl is woven into the fabric of what it means to be American sports fan. It’s the pinnacle of professional team sports in this country and is broadcast to almost every nation around the world. Current Super Bowl odds favor Patrick Mahomes’ reigning champion Kansas City Chiefs to represent the AFC, In the NFC, The Philadelphia Eagles, led by MVP candidate Jalen Hurts, are neck and neck with the San Francisco 49ers. Check back weekly for the latest Super Bowl line movements at Betway!

2023 AFC Championship Winner Odds

Betway offers AFC championship odds, AFC championship betting lines, and more! You can either place a futures bet now or wait until the game in January. 

Some favorites for the AFC crown include the Kansas City Chiefs, Miami Dolphins, and Jacksonville Jaguars. 

Here are other types of AFC futures odds:

AFC East Odds
AFC North Odds
AFC South Odds
AFC West Odds

2023 NFC Championship Winner Odds

Betway offers NFC championship odds, NFC championship betting lines, and more! You can either place a futures bet now or wait until the game in January. 

Some favorites for the NFC title include the Philadelphia Eagles, San Fransico 49ers, and Detroit Lions. Betway is a great place to go for all of your NFL conference finals bets. 

Here are other types of NFC futures:

NFC East Odds
NFC North Odds
NFC South Odds
NFC West Odds

2023 NFL Individual Awards Betting Odds

From MVP to Rookie of the Year, you can find plenty of NFL award specials at the Betway Sportsbook. Unlike weekly NFL prop bets, these are long-term futures whose winners are announced at the end of the season.

2023 NFL MVP Odds

As the only players who touch the ball on every offensive play, quarterbacks dominate the sports betting odds for the MVP award. They’re the most important players in the NFL, as well as the most valuable. QBs have won the award in 14 of the last 15 years, with the only exception being running back Adrian Peterson’s incredible 2012 season for the Minnesota Vikings. Five-time MVP Peyton Manning is the all-time leader, while Tom Brady has three MVP awards to his name. Keep an eye on Betway’s NFL lines for the MVP award all season as quarterbacks from the league’s best teams battle for supremacy.

Who will win the 2023 NFL MVP award? The favorites include Kansas City QB Patrick Mahomes and Miami QB Tua Tagovailoa.

2023 NFL Rookie of the Year Odds

The NFL Rookie of the Year award provides one of the most popular NFL futures odds, as it captivates the interest of both NFL and college football Fans. 

Favorites for the 2023 NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year include Houston quarterback C.J. Stroud and Atlanta running back Bijan Robinson. Favorites for the 2023 NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year include Seattle cornerback Devon Witherspoon and Houston defensive end Will Anderson Jr..

2023 NFL Defensive Player of the Year Odds

The 2023 NFL season features some incredible defensive players. Favorites for the 2023 NFL Defensive Player of the Year include Dallas linebacker Micah Parsons and Cleveland defensive end Myles Garrett.

2023 NFL Coach of the Year Odds

There are some great established coaches in the NFL as well as up-and-coming younger ones gunning for the championship. The 2023 NFL Coach of the Year futures odds reflect that, featuring Detroit head coach Dan Campbell and Miami head coach Mike McDaniel.

NFL Football - News, Injury Reports, Power Rankings, Trade Rumors, Schedules, Stats, NFL Coaches on the hot seat

Get up-to-date NFL previews, analysis, weekly picks, stats, and more. Betway Insider is
your one-stop shop for making NFL bets, NFL news, NFL power rankings, and NFL QB rankings.

Most Popular Betting Odds at Betway

In addition to our NFL betting odds, Betway Sportsbook is a global sportsbook for betting on all sports in the United States, Canada, South America, Europe, and around the world. 

Betting odds for the most popular sports include:

College Football Betting Odds
Soccer Betting Odds
NBA Betting Odds
College Basketball Odds
NHL Betting Odds
MLB Betting Odds
UFC Betting Odds
Tennis Betting Odds
Golf Betting Odds
Formula 1 odds
Boxing odds

NFL Betting FAQs

How are NFL odds determined?

Odds are determined by Betway’s bookmakers based on a combination of factors, including team performance, player injuries, and public betting trends.

What does a spread of -7 mean in NFL betting?

If you’re looking at the NFL odds this week and see a spread of -7, you might be confused. Don’t be! Here’s what it means: 

Let’s say Philadelphia is a -7 point favorite over Washington. The “-7” is considered the spread. If you’re interested in betting Philadelphia to cover the spread, you’re betting on them winning by at least eight points. If they don’t, you would lose the bet. 

What would happen if Philadelphia wins by exactly seven points? Your bet would be refunded. 

How does an NFL Parlay Work?

For a parlay bet, you are wagering on multiple bets which all must hit.

Here’s an example: 
1.    Philadelphia (-150) is favored to beat Washington. Philadelphia moneyline: -150
2.    Pittsburgh (-9.5) is favored to beat Arizona. Pittsburgh spread: -9.5
3.    A bettor can place a parlay on both the Philadelphia moneyline AND the Pittsburgh spread. Both results need to occur for the better to win the bet. 

Why bet parlays? Parlays can offer big payouts, and bettors can bet anywhere from two to an unlimited number of selections on a single parlay, including multiple sports. Betway offers NFL parlay bets online. 

How do NFL Parlay Payouts Work?

Bettors have two options with parlay payouts: either ride the parlay out or “cash out” midway through. Here’s how that works:

Option 1: You can wait for all bets in the parlay to convey
Option 2: You can cash out for a compromised amount midway through the bet. Maybe one leg has hit and another is still up in the air. A better can “cash out” and receive a winning but smaller sum from the original bet.

When does the NFL season start and end?

The 2023 NFL season starts in early September and ends in the middle of February with the Super Bowl. NFL players play a 17-game regular season and playoffs that include up to four games. 

The opening day of the 2023 NFL season was Sept. 7. 

How many weeks in an NFL season?

The NFL regular season is 18 weeks. Each team plays 17 games and has one week off, which is called the “bye week.” 

What teams are in the AFC?

Here are the teams in the AFC:
AFC EAST: Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins, New England Patriots, New York Jets
AFC NORTH: Baltimore Ravens, Cincinnati Bengals, Cleveland Browns, Pittsburgh Steelers
AFC SOUTH: Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts, Jacksonville Jaguars, Tennessee Titans
AFC WEST: Denver Broncos, Kansas City Chiefs, Las Vegas Raiders, Los Angeles Chargers, 

What teams are in the NFC?

Here are the teams in the NFC: 

NFC EAST: Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Commanders
NFC NORTH: Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions, Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Vikings
NFC SOUTH: Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers, New Orleans Saints, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
NFC WEST: Arizona Cardinals, Los Angeles Rams, San Francisco 49ers, Seattle Seahawks

Does Betway offer NFL predictions?

You can find NFL picks and predictions and NFL interviews and news on Betway Insider. Please note that our team of sports betting experts operates separately from our sportsbook oddsmakers and their work is intended for informational purposes.

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